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Hi I’m Johann, and I am passionate about people and human systems. Since 1990 I am a growth agent and an impact player, unlocking potential and encouraging greatness in organisations and leaders. That includes leadership training, strategic alignment, team development, executive coaching, and relationship enrichment. Over at my personal blog Ways2Grow I am musing over these kind of topics.

Choose the ‘world’ you want to live in!

2022-07-07T09:35:35+02:00July 7th, 2022|

By making a few mental shifts about your circumstances (or the country), you can radically change your life for the good! It sounds supernatural. And in a sense it is. But millions of people have [...]

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Weather the Storm, see the Rainbow

2022-06-03T15:00:09+02:00June 3rd, 2022|

You are so much stronger if you know how to weather the storms of life and navigate your ship through it. It’s a cliché, but on the other side a rainbow (or two) might be [...]

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Helping teams to Happiness

2022-05-12T14:01:53+02:00May 12th, 2022|

Imagine yourself changing the emotional atmosphere of your family, work team, and other relational systems you are part of – from bad to good, and from good to fantastic and happy! In this letter I [...]

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From Division to Bridge Building

2022-04-03T10:48:02+02:00April 3rd, 2022|

Imagine yourself building bridges to align opposing parties to use their energy towards a better future. You might start with your own friendships or life or business partner, or with a colleague. Or you might [...]

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5 Principles of Success

2022-03-02T10:00:21+02:00March 2nd, 2022|

Listen to this story. Andrew started a few years ago as a farm worker, fresh out of school (passing grade 10). But something was different in him. And his team mates and leaders noticed that. [...]

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Choose to Thrive in 2022

2022-01-10T14:47:20+02:00January 10th, 2022|

May you choose to make 2022 a great year, using all the energy around you, positively, and bravely shining your light. There will be challenges – let’s overcome them, and learn from them. Let’s be [...]

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Relabeling 2021

2021-12-06T15:27:58+02:00December 6th, 2021|

Maybe we should not merely finish the year and get things over and done with, and go of on a holiday to relax and forget. Perhaps, that is how you feel? But let’s rather use [...]

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Step out of the Rut!

2021-11-05T17:48:48+02:00November 5th, 2021|

Maybe you are stuck in a rut in one or more areas of your life, not knowing how to get out of it? Or you know how to get out, but as soon as you [...]

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The Magic of Dialogue

2021-10-08T14:30:43+02:00October 8th, 2021|

How great will it be if we can steer our relationships away from competition and stress and towards more trust and collective understanding! I see this happening on a regular basis, but it is a [...]

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