We are a team of Organisational Development professionals with years of experience and a proven track record of becoming trusted advisers of senior leadership in companies. We have a thorough understanding of the business imperatives which drive success and the designing of complementary human capital solutions which are robust and sustainable.

When designing solutions we facilitate and mobilise the wisdom that is already inherent in the organisation. We believe in increasing the human capital capacity of your company by designing customised solutions to improve organisational effectiveness and performance.

Our areas of expertise include:

Designing Competency Frameworks and Profiling

Understanding the critical skills and competencies of a position is essential when trying to find the right person for a specific role in your company. Competency profiling is a scientific approach to define such skills and competencies and to select the person against.

Retreats for Leadership Teams

Having aligned, trusting and motivated leadership teams are the one factor which determines the kind of company you are going to have. To expect behaviours from employees which are not embedded in the habitual patterns of the leaders, is an impossibility. In our retreats we create conversations and time for reflection where we develop leaders from the inside out. 

Business Culture Change Processes

Business Culture is the differentiating factor that determines the effectiveness of your organisation. It is the ever present phenomenon which needs to be cultivated in a deliberate way if you want to turn it in a competitive advantage.  We design processes that turn these values into collective practices and ways of doing in your company.

Executive and Senior Team Development

The aim of our High-Performance Team Program is to assist teams in producing the results which their company needs.  The specific focus of the program is on:

  • building trust
  • being able to enter crucial conversations to create higher collaboration
  • ensuring full engagement and commitment of all members
  • driving collective accountability habits, and
  • having clarity on which results to deliver.

Strategic Planning Facilitation

After being exposed to many business sectors and industries we are in a position to facilitate robust, clear and factual strategic conversations amongst your senior management to give direction to the vision and strategic objectives of your company. These sessions are also aimed at developing leadership practices which ensure proper execution and accountability with regard to your strategic actions.

Establishing in-house Mentorship Programmes

It is a known fact that having processes in place which facilitate transference of skills from your experienced employees to upcoming talent, is a critical element to ensure the sustainability of the company and the retention of critical people in critical positions. We are involved in establishing those critical systems which structure mentorship programs to deliver positive results, developing the competencies of both mentors and mentees as well as 360 ͦ evaluation processes to assess the improvement of candidates involved in the program.

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