We believe in the enrichment and development of individuals that will positively impact human systems in the workplace. This is achieved through facilitating internal growth, behavioural change and improved performance which benefit the individual and, in turn, the organisation.

The learning and development processes we use are not focused on a mere transferal of learning content, but aim to transform old outdated habits and practices.

The areas covered by our services are:

Leadership Development

Successful organisations have capable leaders at all levels that influence, inspire and guide people towards common business goals. Our leadership development programs are aimed at developing the professional skills and abilities of your leaders to manage the performance of their functions and lead their people towards higher levels of engagement.

Mentoring Programme

Some of the best training and development can be done in-house through trained coaches and mentors. Mentoring is developing people by transferring knowledge and skills – a longer term process of one or more years. Camino Consulting helps organisations to establish a mentoring culture in four phases namely: organisational alignment, assessment and selection of talent, skills training, and sustainability planning.

Business and Executive Coaching

We can design a one- or two-day workshop tailored to your specific needs and budget, for example: Time Management, Effective Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Interpersonal Skills, Collaborative Leadership, The Art of effective Meetings, Conflict Resolution, or Managing Diversity.

Personal Mastery

Developing and uplifting the skill levels of people in South Africa have been proven not to yield the intended results if they are not driven from inside-out, by the person him/herself. The concept behind this is to get the person to take responsibility for his/her development and to believe that personal potential can only be fulfilled when the process of development is personally owned.

Team Development – Utilising the Greatness of Teams

Teams are highly complex, living systems that keep on evolving in often surprising and unexpected ways, due to the complex nature of each individual team member and the highly complex situations these teams have to handle. Our Team Development interventions are aimed at developing collective strategic capabilities, building team cohesion, conflict resolution and improving the team’s performance to deliver the required results.

Supervisory Development Program

Developing your Supervisors into a competent part of your leadership structure in your company is one of the best investments you can make. Leaving them unequipped for their supervisory responsibilities sets them up for failure and discourages other staff to aspire for these positions. Our highly experiential, fun filled and practical Supervisory Development Programme focus on the development of 5 core Supervisory Competencies.

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