Camino Consulting was founded in 2002 while looking for options to impact the South African society in a more significant and transformative way. Believing that businesses and organisations are particularly geared towards playing a huge role to shift societies, he launched his company with a specific focus on developing the human capital of companies. The word “Camino” refers to a pathway towards growth and renewal. Over the past 20 years we have walked this path with many of our clients and partnered with them on their journey towards improving the capacity of their businesses and society.

Our current offering comprises of four service units:

• Organisational Development Consultation
• Learning and Development Solutions
• Psychometric Assessments
• Human Resources Management

It is our business to understand your business and to facilitate processes which ensure that your human resources strategy support your business strategy. We assist in getting the right person in the right position, to develop your people to be the best version that they can be for your company and to co-create a workplace where people can thrive and succeed.

Human resources solutions should never underestimate the complexity and importance of the human system of a company; yet it should also be simplistic and practical to implement and to maintain.

Vonnie Mostert, Managing Director of Camino Consulting

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