A fresh approach to recruitment: Launching Camino Recruit

Why Camino Recruit?

In our work in the field of human resource management, we have witnessed the extent of frustration that people experience when dealing with recruitment.  Business owners and managers often look at a recruitment fee as a grudge purchase, however, if you have tried to go at it yourself, you may have noted how long it can take (an HR manager can easily spend 30 hours or more filling a vacancy), the cost of advertising – and how tough it can be to decide where and how to advertise for candidates. Recruitment is also a process with significant legal complexity and job applicants are regarded as “employees” by law during the job application process.

Camino’s team of organisational development specialists and industrial psychologists is known for its work in the field of organisational development. Understanding what motivates people and makes them successful in their careers forms a large part of our work. To date, we have focussed on ensuring that employees who are already on the bus are developed, motivated, and are contributing to organisational success. Camino Recruit expands on this by helping ensure that the right people get onto the bus in the first place.

How do we approach recruitment?

We have refined a focussed approach to the recruitment pipeline and process, which is executed with great care by our skilled and experienced recruitment team. We also provide a guarantee period on placements and follow up with placed candidates on a monthly basis for the first three months.

We regard ourselves as professional behavioural scientists. As such, we prefer using selection methods that are scientific and fair. These include encouraging our clients to profile the competencies required for positions and using structured, competency-based interviews, and psychometric assessments, to measure candidates against these competencies.

We design our reference checks together with our clients to address specific questions that may have arisen from the interviews, thereby providing further validation of the candidate’s suitability.

Professional and personal
We seek to build long-term relationships with our clients and to gain a comprehensive understanding of their business and needs. This enables us to reduce their recruitment burden by advertising and sourcing from multiple suitable platforms, filtering applications that can sometimes run into the 100s, and providing clients with a succinct screened shortlist.

We endeavour to render a professional service to clients and candidates alike. We believe that applicants should be respected in the process and thus aim to provide professional feedback to all applicants.

Innovative and scientific recruitment coupled with
high-quality, respectful human interaction.

What recruitment options do we offer?

Recruitment fee
We offer our clients two fee options. The first is a contingency-based option, where we follow a traditional recruitment approach. The fee is a percentage of annual cost to company which is dependent on the package offered to the candidate.

The second option is a fixed-fee, sole mandate option. The fee of this option is lower than the contingency-based fee and includes a psychometric assessment and management feedback for one candidate. The fee is dependent on the level of the position and is linked to job grading systems.

Additional resources
Our team also offers the following additional recruitment-related services:

  • Developing or refining job descriptions for the position you are recruiting for.
  • Profiling the competencies of positions.
  • Developing competency-based, structured interview questionnaires for your interview panel.
  • Forming part of your interview panel to assist with interviews.
  • Psychometric assessments to help you make informed selection decisions.
  • Creating a development plan for your selected candidate, based on the psychometric assessment.
  • Competency-based recruitment and selection training for your managers who regularly form part of your interview panels.

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Our clients will notice that Camino Recruit is a natural extension of our current offering. Through this service we hope to add further value to our clients’ businesses as a capacity building partner.


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