The journey of personal mastery: Growing with the Enneagram

Personal mastery is the journey every leader that wishes to be impactful is tasked with undertaking. Research has shown that mastering oneself by developing self-awareness is one of the key facets of effective principle-centered leadership

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Mastering oneself is, however, not reserved only for people in leadership positions – every person can become more of what they are destined to be by getting to know themselves better (by using the insight gained to adapt and grow). We work towards this by seeking feedback from outside of ourselves and choosing to respond positively to that feedback – thus growing in our understanding and using this to practice self-monitoring. This allows us to respond appropriately to the needs of other people and situations we face. We create desired outcomes rather than standing in our own way.

The journey of personal mastery certainly has its discomforts, as does anything that enables growth. In truth, most people find it fulfilling and highly enjoyable – especially if this journey is guided by a scientific and intuitive process. This is a large part of our work at Camino – guiding organisations, teams, and individuals through this journey. One of the tools we use in our processes, is the Enneagram. Many people have experienced great value from using the Enneagram to enhance their growth and development – both personally and professionally.

The Integrative Enneagram is an online questionnaire that determines an individual’s core personality / motivational profile.

The information in the report provides a person with deep insight into the underlying drivers of their personality and behaviour. This is coupled with immediate and clear guidelines on how to access behaviours related to growth and stress release, as well as improving relationships with others. The assessment, supported by a feedback and development process, allows an individual to generate meaningful self-awareness. This in turn assists them in achieving significant personal and professional progress and creating desired behavioural change with greater ease than would have been possible otherwise.

On an individual level we normally use the Enneagram as the basis for a coaching process. Our certified Enneagram practitioners also use it with great effectiveness in helping all teams, right up to executive level, find ways of improving how they communicate and work together. Our facilitators design and implement specialised team sessions based on the size and needs of a group. Our process helps to build trust and focus the team towards achieving better results. Because of the specialised nature of this offering, we like to discuss the needs of the team in detail before embarking on the development process. Team needs vary, but the process is frequently completed over up to three or four full day sessions.

Some of the benefits of this process:
  • It reduces judgement and criticism while building compassion for self and others
  • It provides a framework for making sense of team conflict and challenges
  • It enables the team to move beyond a pattern of blaming conflict on “personality differences”
  • It improves communication while also developing a new language framework for team dynamics

On an organisational level:

  • It decreases behind-the-scenes drama and politics
  • Improves productivity and performance
  • Creates a framework which enables greater project leadership
  • Enables more impactful corporate communication
  • And plays a role in enabling culture change

If you want to take the next step in your career or personal life or prepare your team or company for an uncertain future, our tailored Enneagram solutions may be immensely helpful to you.

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