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The value of psychometric assessments in selection and development
You might wonder why one would prefer using psychometric and competency-based assessments when the business world usually relies on just conducting thorough interviews, reference checks, and often, the gut feel of experienced managers.

Tapping into the talents and potential of the human component of your business should be considered a pivotal strategic objective. One of the reasons being that there is a big price tag attached to appointing the wrong people. Research has shown that the traditional and most common selection process (the semi-structured interview) typically results in a success-ratio of between 11-13 out of every 20 employees selected. Further research has shown that at least 20% of an annual salary is a very conservative estimate of total replacement cost of an employee. Furthermore, remember to bear in mind that a recent study (cited by Forbes) estimated a disengaged employee can cost a company up to 34% of their annual salary. This is an unnecessary expense.

A little bit of psychometric help can go a long way in assisting a company to achieve its human capital goals in every aspect, starting with appointing the right people in the first place. This includes the possibility of increasing the aforementioned success-ratio to an average of 16 out of 20. A valuable element of psychometrics is that you gain a standardised perspective on an individual. And the results are a reliable and valid measure of that person’s potential and attributes. These assessments also produce insight that is not easily gained through interviews. This allows a more complete picture of a person when making a selection decision – a perspective our clients have come to rely on and make use of time after time.

Apart from selection screening, our assessment methodology can also support your organisation and the individual in:
  • Personal growth and professional development
  • Identification and development of potential and talent
  • Highlighting prevailing team dynamics and how to manage it
  • Succession planning and organisational structuring

Three points to consider:
1. Our products and services are well researched, representing the latest trends and frameworks in the respective disciplines. We strive to be theoretically sound and technologically savvy in our approach, combined with an exquisite ability to understand the challenges of companies and to design practical solutions in addressing it.

2. Our assessment processes are tailor-made to suit the specific needs of the company/individual and different formats and options are available to choose from.

3. The use of psychological tests is regulated by the Health Professions Act, thus these instruments may only be used and interpreted by suitably registered professionals. Camino Consulting has registered Psychologists and Psychometrists and we make use of assessments that have met stringent scientific design criteria and have been classified by the Health Professions Council of South Africa.

Camino Consulting offers the following assessments:
  • Recruitment & Selection: Assessing job-fitness of prospective candidates for a position in terms of cognitive ability, personality, emotional intelligence, and work styles. This can be done against a required competency profile for the job with a gap-analysis for development purposes.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Determining an individual’s strengths and development needs regarding self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management.
  • Assessment of Potential: Assessing a person’s potential to take on higher levels of responsibilities, being successful when given training and development opportunities.
  • Team Functioning Surveys: Profiling of team strengths and team stumbling blocks to facilitate more effective team functioning and role implementation.
  • Leadership Behaviour: Assessing an individual’s strengths and development needs about the required leadership behaviours.
  • Climate & Engagement Surveys: Determining the morale and motivation levels of personnel and recommending key interventions to improve work satisfaction.
  • Personality Profiles: Determining individual personality profiles for the purposes of individual coaching and team development.
  • Integrity Testing: Testing the honesty and integrity of prospective employees and flagging potential toxic personality traits.
  • Career Counselling: Identifying potential careers to pursue, given the individual’s personality, interests, cognitive capacity, and educational background.

Contact Camino Consulting for all your assessment needs.  We would love to assist you and your company in fulfilling your strategic objectives through selecting and developing the right people.