Don’t appoint a square peg in a round hole

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It’s not as simple as just getting the job done 

Using an appropriate method of selecting employees is particularly important, considering the devastating (and often unaccounted for) costs of hiring and replacing the wrong employee.

The right employee has the skills to perform the work, but also fits in with the behavioural requirements of the role, and with the company culture, and can maintain professional relationships with colleagues. Their overall profile of knowledge, skills, abilities, and personal dispositions should match the job immediately upon entry and going forward.

Tailor-made is best
Assessment processes are best tailor-made to suit the specific needs of the company/individual and different formats and options are available to choose from.
Our approach normally consists of psychometric assessment processes such as cognitive tests, personality questionnaires, integrity questionnaires, and simulation exercises.


Why rely on psychometric and competency assessments?
  • Psychometric and competency assessments provide standardised perspectives on the individual.
  • It is a reliable and valid measure of a person’s potential and attributes.
  • It predicts job performance and development potential more accurately than any other method of evaluation.
  • Psychometric assessments are objective and are thus more likely to be more equitable than subjective methods.
The bigger picture
Most of our work in assessments are to assist clients in selecting the right candidate, but our assessment methodology can also support the organisation and the individual in:
  • Succession planning and organisational structuring
  • Personal growth and career development
  • Identification and development of potential and talent
  • Highlighting prevailing team dynamics and how to manage it
In this case, Google is not your friend
Utilising free or cheap tests available online or selecting the wrong type of assessment for the sake of “using psychology” does not increase the utility of a selection process.

Using an inappropriate assessment tool also creates noise and confusion around the process and, especially when selecting people for a job, it opens you up to some very real legal liability (unfair discrimination as per the Employment Equity Act, Section 8).

“But I’m good at reading people”
Actually, research has indicated that even trained professionals can very easily make mistakes when not relying on scientific methods. Furthermore, did you know that the use of psychological tests is regulated by the Health Professions Act, thus these instruments may only be used and interpreted by suitably registered professionals?

Camino Consulting have registered Psychologists and Psychometrists and we make use of assessments that have met stringent scientific design criteria and have been classified by the Health Professions Council of South Africa. These can also be combined with other scientifically proven methods of selecting the right candidates.

Based on the figures presented in our previous post – Selecting the right people for your company: How much of a gamble are you willing to take?  – we have put together a cost comparison of using traditional selection methods versus using an appropriate combination of selection methods, including assessments to fill 20 junior management positions (earning R20 000 pm).



So how does it work?
Typically, clients will approach us with a position they wish to fill, often having already shortlisted a number of candidates. Our associates will then select and propose the most suitable assessments according to the role, coordinate the testing, and provide the client’s management team with an integrated report per candidate, a detailed feedback presentation, and additional advice as required.

Successful candidates are frequently provided with individual feedback after having started in their new role and can be provided with a tailored development report. This immediately puts the new hire on a customised development path. The process may also be supplemented with additional individual coaching going forward.

The information from the assessment helps our clients to determine whether or not a person is likely to meet performance expectations and fit in with the company and role. Considering the trade-off between risks and costs, many of our clients insist on making psychometric testing a company-wide policy. Psychometric testing (and developmental coaching, for that matter) is appropriate for positions ranging from non-managerial positions, all the way to top management.

Camino Consulting can also further assist with the entire selection process, including job profiling, recruitment, screening, and competency-based interview guidelines.

Should you require more information on psychometric testing or would like to speak to one of our consultants, please do not hesitate to contact us.